STRATEAS.CARLUCCI – Monochrome Magic

Following Aurelio Costarella’s beautiful sorbet colour palette, Strateas Carlucci’s dark mood, sleek styling and strong architectural approach provided quite a contrast. The Australian based label created by Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci has been launched in Paris first with the aim to establish themselves in the overseas markets and make their official Australian debut later.

Strateas Carlucci-2

Although the brand was born just two years ago, they already made a mark on the industry. Their ‘sink or swim’ manoeuvre has paid off and their collections have been picked up by 20 stockists all over the world in Russia, Italy, France, Ukraine, Austria, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Finland, China and Hong Kong.

The label’s vision is to create garments that are timeless through structured and minimal styles. Although the outfits are officially separated into womenswear and menswear on the runway, customers are encouraged to cross gender boundaries and pick out unisex garments from either collections.

Strateas Carlucci Australian debut, monochrome collection, unisex designerwear

The collection showing yesterday was called ‘Fracture’, reflecting the concept of “fractured forms’ with garments created with a sharp, architectural construction and tailoring.

Their signature jacket is made of kangaroo leather accompanied by thick wools and layers upon layers of dark fabrics on the runway. I like their sleek suits and I am sure that both the international and local market will warmly welcome their clean and minimal aesthetic.

Strateas Carlucci fashion show photographer, fashion photography

Strateas Carlucci fashion photos australia, fashion photography, catwalk photography

Strateas Carlucci, runway photography mercedes-benz fashion week australia, runway photographer  mbfwa sydney

Strateas Carlucci-29

Strateas Carlucci new label debuts mercedes-benz fashion week australia

Strateas Carlucci-53

Strateas Carlucci-55

Strateas Carlucci-41

Strateas Carlucci-42

Strateas Carlucci-44

Strateas Carlucci signature jacket, kangaroo leather, black leather jacket

Strateas Carlucci-50

Strateas Carlucci-11

Strateas Carlucci new collection, monochrome clothing, minimal style fashion, mercedes-benz fashion week australia

Strateas Carlucci-32

Strateas Carlucci monochrome magic, black clothing, black womenswear

Strateas Carlucci-34

Strateas Carlucci designerwear, minimal style menswear

Strateas Carlucci-57

Strateas Carlucci-58

Strateas Carlucci photography, black and white fashion photography, strateas carlucci runway show

Strateas Carlucci designers collection show at mercedes benz fashion week australia

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GENESIS Fashion Event Sydney 2013

The Genesis runway show held at Byron Kennedy Hall provided an excellent platform for new emerging labels to introduce themselves to the competitive Australian fashion industry.

Genesis Fashion Event Sydney 2013, Face Fashion, sponsors, nak, balance, hubmakeup, uber

The event has been produced by Face Fashion, an organisation established by Sydney based entrepreneurs Marvin Osifo and Eti Amegor with the aim to introduce the next generation of designers to the community, media and fashion savvy consumers. They explore the streets, fashion schools, markets and online world to bring to light the best, upcoming fashion talent that Sydney has to offer.


The stylish networking lounge and designer booths created a fantastic interacting opportunity for consumers and buyers to get engaged with the top emerging brands showcased over the three-day event.

Get a sneak peek of the fashion crowd arriving to the show:

Genesis-16  Genesis-24

Genesis-17  Genesis-18

Genesis-21  Genesis-25

And a couple of looks from the debuted new collections:

Genesis fashion event, alison davies, upcoming designers australia, collection show photographer, fashion photography sydney


Genesis fashion event, cleonie swimwear, swimwear trends


Genesis fashion event, emerging designers, collection show, fashion show photography, Ohara fashion designer


Genesis emerging designers, face fashion event, tanouk upcoming designer





Genesis, face fashion, sistar shoes, shoe trend

Genesis fashion event, sistar shoes, emerging designers, shoe tends

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia ONE DAY AWAY

Fashion’s new home, Carriageworks opens its doors tomorrow with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held from 8 to 12 April.  As IMG Fashion announced, the atmospheric former Eveleigh rail yards currently operating as a vibrant hub of arts and culture is an ideal venue offering plenty of space to deliver global production standards.


Three generous locations, The Box, The Runway and The Theatre will provide an excellent opportunity for designers not only to launch their new season’s collections but also to do business and network with clients and other industry professionals.

Joining the major sponsor Mercedes-Benz, the NSW Government takes an active part in promoting the event with the hope that by increasing local and international buyer attendance, the Fashion Week will make a positive economic impact on both the Australian fashion industry and Sydney as an attractive destination.

Alex Perry

The five-day long glamorous event will be opened by Camilla and Marc, followed by Aurelio CostarellaBec and BridgeChristopher EsberWhite SandsBy Johnny and Australia’s most iconic fashion designer Alex Perry.


Did you know that in 2012 London has been named global fashion capital of the world for the second consecutive year? I didn’t. I really thought it’s New York!

A company called GLM specializing in global internet and social media analysis tells us what the world is thinking. Studying printed and electronic global media to see which cities gain the most interest and coverage, New York is placed only second on the list, followed by Barcelona, Paris and Madrid.

Although Paris is placed third on the list, it is ranked at number one for Haute Couture. That’s no surprise. However Milan, one of the four main Fashion Week locations, came in only eighth. Interesting!

So what makes London deserve the global fashion crown for two years in a row?

GLM has also published the “Top Phrases of 2011”, which reveals the secret: the second phrase on the list was Royal Wedding, the wedding of Kate Middleton and  Prince William that captivated millions around the world.

Royal Wedding

Let me go further with the “Top Names of 2011”: the sixth place is occupied by no one else than Kate Middleton who simply enchanted the world with her elegance and style and continues to do so as the Duchess of Cambridge!

Kate Middleton

By the way, the Olympics has also helped London retain the title for the second year overtaking New York, who had maintained the premiere position for several years earlier.

And the new Burberry Prorsum collection for Fall 2013 showcased as part of the London Fashion Week in February wasn’t that bad either!

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

The hottest front-row line up of the Burberry show would not have  been complete without US Vogue editor

Anna Wintour and her two pretty nieces:

Anna Wintour

What do you think, which city will be the Top Global Fashion Capital this year in August 2013?


Although the new menswear trends from Paris have obviously been inspired by military silhouettes, I must say Gentlemen, there is not too much masculinity involved! I hope therefore that you are ready to embrace your inner self as the commanding male power dominating your outer appearance.. :)

1) Glossy fabrics including leather

Louis Vuitton

2) Discreet color palette – grey, dark blue, black and white


3) Winter coats with belt


4) Quilted jackets


5) Hooded parkas


6) Geometrical symbols

Dior Homme

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I went to the cinema to check out the new James Bond film with five guys and guess what, I haven’t regretted it.  If the girls back at home knew..the slim-fitted Tom Ford suits looked impeccable on Daniel Craig…. he was gorgeous!!

And the story wasn’t bad either. I am not very keen on watching action movies, but this one was actually quite good. Bond wasn’t as superficial as expected, the sex scenes weren’t overwhelming and the character was rather a bit melancholic than an invincible superhero. The movie took us back to his childhood and allowed an insight into his “lonely broken soul”. And those outfits.. OMG.

The charismatic and stylish 007 Agent was portrayed by a number of handsome actors since 1962 until Daniel Craig took up the role of the masculine icon.

Sean Connery:

Sean Connery as James Bond

George Lazenby:

George Lazenby as James Bond

Roger Moore:

Roger Moore as James Bond

Timothy Dalton:

Timothy Dalton as James Bond

Pierce Brosnan:

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

And “double-ohh-seven” Daniel Craig:)

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Fashion designer Tom Ford has worked closely with Skyfall’s costume designer Jany Temime when creating the entire Bond wardrobe for Craig in the film.

“I have been dressing Daniel for some time and know that he looks best when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and day wear. We didn’t really modify our suits, as James Bond is a bit like our guy – classic and extremely elegant.”-he says.

The luxurious creations were fitted to Daniel Craig’s shape and handmade using the finest fabrics. Here goes the perfect suit!

Daniel Craig in Tom Ford

By 2012, James Bond had become such a symbol of the United Kingdom that the character, played by Craig, appeared in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics as Queen Elizabeth II’s escort.

James Bond with Queen Elizabeth

It seems that the Queen and I agree on who is the best-dressed Englishman.. :)

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But who is your favourite Bond?

The most amazing PHENOMENONS of the MENSWEAR Spring/Summer 2013 runway shows

Giant pockets: we say someone is a generous gentleman if he reaches deep into his pocket for the lady.. well this pocket definitely makes it possible to reach deep. So ladies if you want to make sure that you are treated nicely it seems you need to look for a gentleman dressed in Mugler:)

Trousers too short: although this is a Louis Vuitton look, unfortunately almost all of the designers have adopted this phenomenon for next spring/summer. These boys look like having grown a lot lately but their mama can’t afford to buy them new pants!:o)

Tennis player OR ear, nose and throat specialist? Prada has introduced some interesting trousers with matching colour stripes at the sides, however this outfit made me a little bit confused. I got lost between the fact that this is a female model on a menswear runway show, the John McEnroe headband or the green color which reminded me of a throat specialist. If she had a diagnostic octoscope..excuse me, my nose is blocked!

The Catholic boy: Riccardo Tisci’s (Givenchy) spookily printed Madonna motifs are pretty much pushing the boundaries. However, the critics all agree on one fact: the designer will go to heaven once he sees the sales volumes as the unique print is forecasted to bring a huge commercial success.

Masculine or feminine? Is this a female skirt or a male short? Jil Sander was not the only one shocking me with this look. I still expect the ladies to be feminine.. I still expect the men to be masculine! And I think fashion designers should actually help us with that and not try to wash out the differences between us. Let’s dress a man in a short which allows him to tell power, dignity and respect about himself.

The most remarkable runway shows:

Big applause to Donatella Versace for deploying those gorgeous muscular men in gladiator costumes.. it was a grandiose show and a pleasure to watch.:)

Dolce&Gabbana took us back to Sicily with a band setting the mood and playing live music on the catwalk. The models looked like they were caught on the actual streets of Sicily. Sunburnt boys from the orange farms with high-waisted shorts gave us an authentic peek into the clothing traditions of the southern corner of the Italian boot.