200 outfits a week – THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA 2014

One of the most successful reality TV series, The Bachelor Australia is shortly coming to an end. Following the departure of magical Jess last week, there are only three gorgeous ladies left competing for the heart of Mr Right.

The Bachelor_Blake Garvey

The perfect Bachelor – Blake Garvey

The 24 contestants looked smoking hot from week to week thanks to the program’s head stylist Anne Stringer who was working closely with Capital L Boutique in Paddington Sydney to dress the stunning bachelorettes.

The Bachelor All - Who will be the winner?

Bachelor All

In an interview with Popsugar she revealed what happens behind the scenes. At the start of filming her team does not less, than 200 outfits a week! Although responding to last-minute requests for outfits to suit the date briefs can be sometimes stressful, I think she still has one of the best jobs in Australia working as fashion stylist for talent shows such as The Voice, X Factor, MasterChef and Australia’s Next Top Model.

Jess, The Bachelor 2014, Blake Garvey, winner, final four, style, fashion


Hand in hand with the hair and makeup team she goes over pretty much every outfit worn by the girls with a great focus on finding the right balance between trying new looks on them and ones they already find comfortable. What a great transformation has Louise gone through lately!

The Bachelor final four Louise


I’m afraid I can’t even handle the amount of drama we are about to see this week. The smooth bachelor Blake Garvey is going to propose.. but to who?? After their first date I thought that’s it, Jess is the one, stop the show! However, now I am not sure. Sam is following her footsteps with not being ready to rush love and Blake does not like that, so I think it’s going to be either Louise or Lisa.

The Bachelor, Sam, final four, Blake Garvey, stylist


The Bachelor, finale, rose ceremony, final four,outfits


What do you think? Who will be the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2014?

The Bachelor, Australia Louise, Lisa, Sam, Jess, finale, rose ceremony,

The Final Four


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