Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – SWIMWEAR 2014/2015

It’s time to focus on the latest beachwear fashion trends of Summer 2014/15.

Bright sunny days, beautiful beaches, sunbaking, swimming, surfing… Here is all you need to enjoy to best of Australian summer!

Flattering styles and photographic prints from the iconic Bondi Beach

MBFWA Swim-1

MBFWA Swim-1

MBFWA Swim-2

MBFWA Swim-10

MBFWA swimwear trends 2014 australia, fashion week catwalk

MBFWA, Australia, Bondi Bather, fashion, swimwear, trend, 2014, model

MBFWA Swim-16

Bold colors and playful prints inspired by summers spent at New Zealand beaches

MBFWA Swim-21

MBFWA Swim-32

MBFWA  swimwear  carena west, shopping, designer, catwalk, bikini

MBFWA Swim-25

MBFWA Swim-28

MBFWA 2014 swimwear trend,  runway photography, fashion style summer

MBFWA Swim-41

Nostalgic feelings of past adventures to Las Vegas

MBFWA Swim-46

MBFWA Swim-53

MBFWA Swim-54

MBFWA Swim-59

MBFWA  swimwear, fashion week, australia, surface too deep, summer beach clothing, sunny, bag

MBFWA Swim-67

MBFWA, swim surface too deep, catwalk trend, models, clothes

Retro and hand-drawn prints reflecting the memories of a recent trip to Italy

MBFWA Swim-79

 mercedes-benz fashion week australia, new swimwear look, male swimwear trends 2014

MBFWA swimwear 2014 summer trend, beach, Cleonie, fashion week photography

MBFWA Swim-84

MBFWA Swim-86

MBFWA Swim-90

MBFWA Swim-88

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