STRATEAS.CARLUCCI – Monochrome Magic

Following Aurelio Costarella’s beautiful sorbet colour palette, Strateas Carlucci’s dark mood, sleek styling and strong architectural approach provided quite a contrast. The Australian based label created by Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci has been launched in Paris first with the aim to establish themselves in the overseas markets and make their official Australian debut later.

Strateas Carlucci-2

Although the brand was born just two years ago, they already made a mark on the industry. Their ‘sink or swim’ manoeuvre has paid off and their collections have been picked up by 20 stockists all over the world in Russia, Italy, France, Ukraine, Austria, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Finland, China and Hong Kong.

The label’s vision is to create garments that are timeless through structured and minimal styles. Although the outfits are officially separated into womenswear and menswear on the runway, customers are encouraged to cross gender boundaries and pick out unisex garments from either collections.

Strateas Carlucci Australian debut, monochrome collection, unisex designerwear

The collection showing yesterday was called ‘Fracture’, reflecting the concept of “fractured forms’ with garments created with a sharp, architectural construction and tailoring.

Their signature jacket is made of kangaroo leather accompanied by thick wools and layers upon layers of dark fabrics on the runway. I like their sleek suits and I am sure that both the international and local market will warmly welcome their clean and minimal aesthetic.

Strateas Carlucci fashion show photographer, fashion photography

Strateas Carlucci fashion photos australia, fashion photography, catwalk photography

Strateas Carlucci, runway photography mercedes-benz fashion week australia, runway photographer  mbfwa sydney

Strateas Carlucci-29

Strateas Carlucci new label debuts mercedes-benz fashion week australia

Strateas Carlucci-53

Strateas Carlucci-55

Strateas Carlucci-41

Strateas Carlucci-42

Strateas Carlucci-44

Strateas Carlucci signature jacket, kangaroo leather, black leather jacket

Strateas Carlucci-50

Strateas Carlucci-11

Strateas Carlucci new collection, monochrome clothing, minimal style fashion, mercedes-benz fashion week australia

Strateas Carlucci-32

Strateas Carlucci monochrome magic, black clothing, black womenswear

Strateas Carlucci-34

Strateas Carlucci designerwear, minimal style menswear

Strateas Carlucci-57

Strateas Carlucci-58

Strateas Carlucci photography, black and white fashion photography, strateas carlucci runway show

Strateas Carlucci designers collection show at mercedes benz fashion week australia

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