6 face shapes to find your right HAIRSTYLE

Don’t stress about your New Year’s Eve hairdo! Here are a couple of useful tips on how to find the perfect party look:

The right hairstyle flatters the face. It can emphasize the perfect shape, or it can minimize all the defects giving an illusion of perfection. If we are eager to know more about the most suitable style, we need to study the bone structure of our head and face first. Hair is the frame which enhances the eyes, skin, make-up and clothing, and we can only reach the most perfect result when each component comes together into one amazing composition.

The basic face shapes

1. Oval

This is the perfect shape, simply because its overall width and length are ideal. Any kind of styling, short, long blends beautifully with the perfect bone structure and it is immediately flattering. The hair can be parted at the side, centre, or swept away boldly from the forehead. A celebrity example of this face shape is Kate Moss, who demonstrates how versatile this face shape is with her ever-changing range of style and cuts.

2. Oblong

The oblong or long square face has forehead, cheekbones and jaw line of almost equal width. Choose a style that adds softness and width to minimize length. Hair should be taken on to the face rather than away from it. Shortening the face with a fringe with the length at the sides rounding to about jaw length is a great alternative to create an oval shape. Paris Hilton is a fantastic example wearing cuts with bangs and curls which are flattering on a long face.

3. Round

A round hairline, low forehead and rounded cheeks are the usual characteristics of a round face. The goal here is to create an oval by adding height and keeping sides close to the face. Check out how Cameron Diaz wears her long hair straight creating the illusion of length in the face as the straight hair does not add body to the sides of her face.

4. Square

A square face usually has the chin and jaw line almost as wide as the forehead. Therefore a style must be chosen to emphasize length and soften the geometric shape. Demi Moore’s a classic square face. Her hair is never shorter than her collarbone.

5. Heart

Medium length hair with a bob shape is ideal for this pretty face as it fills the gap at jaw level. Reese Witherspoon owns one of the most famous heart-shaped faces. And she knows it. She wears shoulder-length bobs, long waves and side-swept bangs to compensate her heavier forehead and pointy chin. Great hairstyles to draw the attention towards the eyes instead.

6. Triangle

The triangle is opposite of heart-shaped and is referred to as being “pear-shaped” since the area around the jaw level is the widest. Choose hairstyles which emphasize and give width at the temples and avoid longer hair with any fluffiness around the ears as this will widen and emphasize the lower part of the face. Minnie Driver is a great example of triangle face. Waves in her hair and a heavier top help a lot with softening her strong face shape.

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