I went to the cinema to check out the new James Bond film with five guys and guess what, I haven’t regretted it.  If the girls back at home knew..the slim-fitted Tom Ford suits looked impeccable on Daniel Craig…. he was gorgeous!!

And the story wasn’t bad either. I am not very keen on watching action movies, but this one was actually quite good. Bond wasn’t as superficial as expected, the sex scenes weren’t overwhelming and the character was rather a bit melancholic than an invincible superhero. The movie took us back to his childhood and allowed an insight into his “lonely broken soul”. And those outfits.. OMG.

The charismatic and stylish 007 Agent was portrayed by a number of handsome actors since 1962 until Daniel Craig took up the role of the masculine icon.

Sean Connery:

Sean Connery as James Bond

George Lazenby:

George Lazenby as James Bond

Roger Moore:

Roger Moore as James Bond

Timothy Dalton:

Timothy Dalton as James Bond

Pierce Brosnan:

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

And “double-ohh-seven” Daniel Craig:)

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Fashion designer Tom Ford has worked closely with Skyfall’s costume designer Jany Temime when creating the entire Bond wardrobe for Craig in the film.

“I have been dressing Daniel for some time and know that he looks best when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and day wear. We didn’t really modify our suits, as James Bond is a bit like our guy – classic and extremely elegant.”-he says.

The luxurious creations were fitted to Daniel Craig’s shape and handmade using the finest fabrics. Here goes the perfect suit!

Daniel Craig in Tom Ford

By 2012, James Bond had become such a symbol of the United Kingdom that the character, played by Craig, appeared in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics as Queen Elizabeth II’s escort.

James Bond with Queen Elizabeth

It seems that the Queen and I agree on who is the best-dressed Englishman.. :)

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But who is your favourite Bond?


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