Unseen photographs of ALEXANDER McQUEEN

Another highly anticipated tome of previously unpublished photographs is being released internationally today, documenting Alexander McQueen’s intimate backstage moments at work.

“Love Looks Not with the Eyes” has been put together by his close friend Anne Deniau, who was the only photographer permitted backstage at McQueen’s shows for 13 years up until the designer committed suicide in 2010.

Anne talks about McQueen with fond feelings: ” He had a big heart, and he had qualities. He was very deep, faithful, loving, and caring. He would recognize sincerity.”

The book contains 400 behind-the-scenes photographs from some of  McQueen’s most iconic and celebrated runway shows in addition to candid moments with celebrities (among them Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Bjork and Lady Gaga) who supported his work.

“I hope this book leaves people speechless about Lee, since words are insufficient for this man that I loved. I hope readers will fully realize how much Lee gave and how far he went, at his own risk.”

“I hope that watching his work over 13 years, condensed in this book readers will be shocked or overwhelmed by so much beauty”, “To me, he was an artist and fashion was a medium. “-says Deniau.

McQueen’s designs from his last show in 2010 before he tragically passed away:

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 with McQueen’s long-term assistant Sarah Burton as the new creative director:

More photo exhibition teasers:

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Time in Motion – Ballet Costumes and Pointe Shoes

The Chanel Photo Exhibition in Sydney

Old Paris Came to Sydney

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