30 days of FASHION & BEAUTY

Never a dull (fashion) moment.. We have barely recovered from the intense indulgence of the Fashion Festival, we are already registering for September’s massive program, the 30 days of Fashion and Beauty.

30 days of Fashion and Beauty September 2012 is presented by ACP Magazines as a hearty welcome to the warmer months of the year. With runway shows running every hour during first two days of the event, they are encouraging us to put away the heavier dark winter clothes and embrace the latest spring/summer fashion and beauty trends.

The large number of exciting styling workshops and masterclasses are primarily addressed to the readers of Australia’s top-selling Fashion and Women’s Lifestyle magazines, who chose the five must-have trends for the new season.  As featured in Cleo, these are the “neon shades” favored by Cosmopolitan, the “pretty boyish” look by Grazia, the “pastel colors” by Shop Til You Drop, the lively “prints” by Cleo and the “sporty minimalist” outfits by Madison. All these looks will be brought alive by the five magazines at their exclusive catwalk show held at Sydney Lower Town Hall at 1 pm on September 2.

This is however not the only hot program for that day, nor for the whole month. There will be awesome fashion shows, beauty editor workshops where the editors of different magazines share their insider beauty tips and all sorts of pop-up events offering consultation with highly trained experts for free. It is remarkable, that these events will take place all over the country: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and other cities of  New South Wales and Queensland. Also very impressive, that the editors of our beloved fashion magazines are actually travelling to these locations in order to share their personal styling secrets with the readers.

Participation in the above programs requires registration on the event’s website. See you all there!


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