“I don’t design clothes. I design DREAMS.”

Ralph Lauren – TDF

I think my English vocabulary is not sufficient to express what I feel. Watching the gowns with a desire to touch, feel, and wear..This collection is everything I adore. The atmosphere of the 20s, the sophisticated presentation, the body lines, the softness, the fresh breeze, the purity, the modesty. Even the suits.. you can be a business woman but still remain clean, fragile and a REAL WOMAN. Am I dreaming, can someone please pinch me to know that I am awake??

The Spring 2012 Runway Show

Sleek, delicate and inherently feminine, this spring Ralph Lauren pays homage to the exhilarating glamour of the 1920s and ’30s with architectural cuts, soft color palettes and luminous textures that shimmer and shine. Demure daytime looks set the tone for sharp menswear-inspired suiting and dramatic evening gowns that make a statement with icy tones and exquisitely intricate beadwork.”

Ohh, those silky luminous fabrics, and graceful bias shapes.. Mr Lauren, I know you like skinny ladies.. You make me want to work even harder at the gym to be merited for these garments!

The Fall 2012 Runway Show

English style menswear for ladies progressed into the classic glamour of long black gowns with jeweled golden collars and the mood set by the soundtrack of Downtown Abbey. Simply noble.

You take me to a DREAMWORLD… And I am not crying…I’ve just been cutting onions.


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