The most amazing PHENOMENONS of the MENSWEAR Spring/Summer 2013 runway shows

Giant pockets: we say someone is a generous gentleman if he reaches deep into his pocket for the lady.. well this pocket definitely makes it possible to reach deep. So ladies if you want to make sure that you are treated nicely it seems you need to look for a gentleman dressed in Mugler:)

Trousers too short: although this is a Louis Vuitton look, unfortunately almost all of the designers have adopted this phenomenon for next spring/summer. These boys look like having grown a lot lately but their mama can’t afford to buy them new pants!:o)

Tennis player OR ear, nose and throat specialist? Prada has introduced some interesting trousers with matching colour stripes at the sides, however this outfit made me a little bit confused. I got lost between the fact that this is a female model on a menswear runway show, the John McEnroe headband or the green color which reminded me of a throat specialist. If she had a diagnostic octoscope..excuse me, my nose is blocked!

The Catholic boy: Riccardo Tisci’s (Givenchy) spookily printed Madonna motifs are pretty much pushing the boundaries. However, the critics all agree on one fact: the designer will go to heaven once he sees the sales volumes as the unique print is forecasted to bring a huge commercial success.

Masculine or feminine? Is this a female skirt or a male short? Jil Sander was not the only one shocking me with this look. I still expect the ladies to be feminine.. I still expect the men to be masculine! And I think fashion designers should actually help us with that and not try to wash out the differences between us. Let’s dress a man in a short which allows him to tell power, dignity and respect about himself.

The most remarkable runway shows:

Big applause to Donatella Versace for deploying those gorgeous muscular men in gladiator costumes.. it was a grandiose show and a pleasure to watch.:)

Dolce&Gabbana took us back to Sicily with a band setting the mood and playing live music on the catwalk. The models looked like they were caught on the actual streets of Sicily. Sunburnt boys from the orange farms with high-waisted shorts gave us an authentic peek into the clothing traditions of the southern corner of the Italian boot.


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