Fashion apps on IPhone -Your pocket style guide

It’s time to realize there is no limit to what your phone can do. I was curious what does the App Store have for crazy fashion lovers so I have downloaded a couple of free interactive applications in the fashion category.

MY SOCIAL STYLIST it’s like having a personal stylist in your pocket. If you are unsure about an outfit, just share your pic and get real time style advice on whether you should “love it” or “leave it”. You can also ask the style social network to choose between two outfits. This solves the problem being alone yet needing quick and honest style advice. This becomes handy in a fitting room, don’t you think? You can even blur your photo if you want to stay anonymus.

To make shopping more social this application also allows you to share pics of what you’re buying: you can upload images of your favourite fashion pieces, jewellery, shoes or an entire outfit and provide fashion inspiration to others in your “lookbook”. Get in touch with other pretty people and make new friends from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Florida, London, Dublin, Costa Rica, Los Angeles and so on. Another application offering similar options on fashion trend spotting with over 300 000 users all over the world is STYLE TAG-FASHION SNS. But I am sure if you dedicate enough time for a thorough research you can find more. I think My Social Stylist is rather Australian, so if you are local go for that one.

LOOKZ is the biggest ‘made for mobile’ make up and beauty stylist. It helps you with new skills and techniques and provides updates about the latest celebrity and fashion looks. It’s great to have such a quick and easy access to a beauty tutorial anywhere anytime you need it. Depending on where you go you can pick one from the eye make up videos with easy-to-follow instructions. Choose from “Celebrity lookz”, “Clubbing lookz”, “Bollywood lookz”, “Arabic lookz”, “Catwalk lookz” or “Seasonal looks”. You can save your favourites too, so your best looks are always ready.

30 000 + FASHION HAIRSTYLES is a helpful software to assist you to choose your hairstyle, containing more than 30 000 popular hairstyle pictures, including celebrity, casual, business, wedding, prom, women and men hairstyles. Are you ready for a haircut but unsure about the style yet? The wide range of alternatives the galleries of this application provides will help you to make the best decisions. Just bring your phone to the hairdresser and show her/him your preferences.

And this is not all.. Whenever you are bored, travelling on the bus, train or just waiting for someone, grab your phone and check out the exciting world of Iphone fashion apps with a long list of stimulating activities: you can open up your hot new fashion boutique, show off your sense of creativity with creating new looks in dress up games, get the latest reports covering fashion shows from New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles and Miami, browse among D&G products, experience the glamorous world of the Ralph Lauren collection, get the video and looks of the latest Chanel fashion show, hunt for the new H&M and Zara pieces, find the nearest stores selling your favourite outfits or just get orientation by reading the latest trend forecasts shared by the TRENDSTOP or CATWALK apps.


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