CELEBRITY transformation-Katie Holmes

The press is full of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce battle. The sweet teenager I have first seen as Joey Potter in the teen drama Dawson’s Creek today is a 33 years old grown-up mother. Let’s have a look at a couple of pictures to illustrate the undoubted development of her personal style during the last fifteen years.

Trying to look like an adult, innocent and shy with curly locks –

‘ready for the prom’ in 1998:

Solid colors look better on her – I guess this is the transition from her favorite black to something more colorful, however the dress is a bit overpowering for her frame: too much flower, too low decolletage, the print .. ouch –

trying her wings as a mature woman but not feeling the right boundaries yet in 2003:

The famous Audrey Hepburn look  –

she is still the sweet and youthful Katie but more confident and radiant in 2005:

WTF, is this stunning sexy cat with the seducing smile on her face our little Katie??!

Married to Tom Cruise, she is a LOT more daring in 2008:

And the glamorous Hollywood star, being the centre of the attention on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party earlier this year.

The 5 year marriage contract is over and she has to face a demanding period ahead with this divorce misery on her plate. However, on the other side being Tom Cruise’s wife brought her some advantages: a career boost, invitations to red carpet events along with the haute couture designer dresses, and rumours say a generous bonus after each year ‘happily’ spent in marriage.

I wish her all the best and hope everything will work out well, especially for the little Suri.


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