VOGUE Online Shopping Night

The Australian Vogue’s online shopping night ran this week Wednesday from midday to midnight. Some of Australia’s best designers gathered at Ivy embracing social media and chatting about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have shared stories about their online marketing successes with each other and the public. The main topic coming up was the idea that social media has connected Australian designers to customers across the globe.

Simultaneously fashion fanatics could browse online through designers’ stocks receiving exclusive gifts with amazing discounts being offered. Retailers joining the online campaign reducing the price of their ranges with 10-20-30% including free shipping, have made it very easy to get a great buy with being just a couple of clicks away from hot new wardrobe ideas.

Those who followed the “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, Sydney” page on Facebook have been constantly updated about the attractive deals being offered, but Fabsugar has also put together a top ten hit-list for the night.

You can find the full list of the 90 retailers and designers involved here.

I particularly like the creative idea of Edwina McCann, who on her second day as Vogue Australia editor-in-chief invited the most successful fashion bloggers for breakfast to explain them what people can expect couple of days later at this years VOSN. This was a great opportunity to network with each other and pass the message of Edwina through to the large number of fashion blog readers. Congratulations to the talented group of bloggers: Margaret Zhang (Shine by Three), Claire Fabb (Yellow Button), Darren Luk (Boy Moments), Alex Thompson (The Edit), Helen Lee (sassybella), Alison Parr (Fabsugar).

If you are ready for another real celebration of shopping, grab your calendar and engrave the date: September 6, 2012. For the fourth year running, this is the global date of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out.

Along with the UK, the US, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Australia and Korea will hold their celebrations on September 6; China, India, Germany and Russia on September 7; Taiwan and Japan on September 8; Brazil on September 10 and 12; Portugal, Italy, Turkey, The Netherlands and Mexico on September 13; Italy on September 18; and Greece on September 20 and 25.

Stay tuned and join the editors, stars, models, fashionistas and designers on September 6 to take part in one of the fashion world’s most iconic extravaganza.


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