Is the QUEEN “fashionable” in Australia?

On the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday I have decided to make a quick investigation on her role in Australia. Her birthday is a public holiday here, as Australia is a member country of the Commonwealth of Nations with the monarch of the United Kingdom being the head of state. The present monarch is Elizabeth II, the Queen of Australia, who has been reigning since 1952. Although she is not involved in the day-to-day business of the Australian Government, she continues to play an important ceremonial and symbolic role with her portrait also featured on all Australian coins and the five-dollar note.

In the course of 60 years in throne, the Queen has visited the country on 16 occasions, aiming to get in touch with as many areas of society as possible, trying to develop a personal relationship with Australia. However, her visits were not always comfortable. The debate about the future of the monarchy is being kept in the spotlight by Australian republicans who believe cutting the emotional cord with Britain would be a lot more beneficial for a country that is looking to Asia and America in the future, rather than its British origin and colonial past.

Should there be any debates around her personality, thanks God, they are not triggered by the way she is doing fashion. Due to her immaculate royal image, five years ago she was even listed in Vogue magazine, alongside supermodels Kate Moss, Claudia Schieffer and Naomi Campbell as one of the 50 most glamorous women in the world.

As she is always the focal point, she has to wear bright colours. She is very tiny, therefore wearing blocks of strong colours and wonderful hats helps her to become more visible and stand out from the crowd.

The world’s most famous aristocratic woman fulfills the requirements: wears two-inch heels, hemlines well below the knee, and she always carries a handbag. Her hats are secured so that they don’t blow off in the wind and her hems are always weighted so the skirts don’t fly up and create a wardrobe malfunction (Marilyn Monroe effect as I call it). Her outfits are always comfortable, elegant and appropriate. Her new generation designers and dresser do a very good job with making her fashionable and visible in harmony with her royal status.

I like that she dresses to her age, still, just like her debated presence in Australia, she is a particular combination of past and present, dignity and colour, discipline and brightness, old and young.

As the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee (60 years in throne) is already 86 years old, new surveys have come up with the result of Aussies wanting young Prince William, and not his father, to be the next king.

What do you think, who do you support to be next on the throne, Prince Charles or the handsome Prince William?

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