Fashion Weekend Sydney is Australia’s biggest and best designer shopping and catwalk event. Style-savvy label lovers could get their wardrobe fix from over one hundred of Australia’s top designers, who were selling one-off pieces at up to 70% off retail prices. And this is not all: for those who needed some inspiration before starting to shop for their new designer wardrobe essentials, a glamorous 30 minutes catwalk show was organized to introduce some of Australia’s best-loved designer collections in the following order: White Suede, Bec&Bridge, Ginger&Smart, Nicola Finetti, Miss Unkon, Rachel Gilbert, Camilla, Jets, Kirrily Johnston and Talulah.

Most of these names have already appeared in the list of designers presented during the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, which is unfortunately an event with access reserved only for the fashion elite and professionals. What a great inititative is to organize another fashion event less than one week after to soothe the fashion hunger of the pretty everyday people out there! They smartly offered a range of ticket prices to suit every budget: Silver Ticket – Shopping only for $20, Gold Ticket – Shopping + Catwalk for $40, Platinum Ticket – Shopping + Front Tier Catwalk Seats for $50 and the ultimate Fashion Weekend VIP Experience for $95 where you could enjoy the fashion experience in an exclusive way chilling out in the private lounge with your friends sipping complimentary drinks and watching the catwalk show from front row seats after.

We have also followed the same routine. After our arrival having about half an hour till the catwalk show’s start, we visited the stylish Tempus Two Wine Bar located right in the heart of the Fashion Weekend and prepared ourselves spiritually for the upcoming fashion buzz with a refreshing glass of wine.

The fashion show was great, I loved Rachel Gilbert’s sequined mini dresses.. ladies if you want to conquer the gentlemen’s heart, use this weapon.. it’s impossible not shine in these sexy outfits.

My husband’s favourite was Camilla’s garments. I’ve asked why: he said because it allows great ventillation for the “box”. No comment.. But indeed, those colorful silky free-flowing kaftans are just the perfect summer wear, not to forget about the fact that they must be both very comfortable, both advantageous as they hide any sensitive parts you may wish not to show but still feel feminine and bright.

Browsing around the numerous stands there were many opportunities for being pampered and meet the talented teams of make-up and nail experts, hair stylists.

I’m so glad there is always some excitement going on in Sydney.. Should you be also ready for a new look, don’t hesitate to get out there to discover the hottest trends and get the latest styling advice. It’s guaranteed fun.


3 thoughts on “The FASHION WEEKEND Sydney 2012

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