The 2012/13 Spring/Summer TREND and what’s behind

One week after the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Sydney it’s time to draw the conclusions on the upcoming trend. The roaring twenties is making a return and its influences are clearly printed on the main Australian designer collections for Spring/Summer 2012/13.

The Message:

Fragile beauty, romance, sophisticated femininity, innocence, freshness, purity, hope, sweetness, simplicity, faithfulness, love, sensitivity, sensuality, coolness.

The Colours – Pastels:

Soft white, pale pink, coral pink, lavender, icy blue, turquoise, toffee, nude, cream, lime green, light yellowed grey, black, silver, gold.

The Fabrics:

Metallic, sequin, leather, floaty, lofty, silky, shiny, lace.

The Prints:

Floral + Art Deco inspiration, geometric, architectural lines.

As I could always easily relate to the atmosphere and glamour of the 1910-20s, I am warmly welcoming the similarities reflected on the garments to be worn during the upcoming spring/summer seasons.

Key looks in the 1910s and their modern twists (if you drag the pointer over the picture you’ll see who are the contemporary and current designers)

-classic Greek-inspired goddess draping:

-ballet russes:




Key 1930s looks

-exaggerated shoulders:

-Bias cut:

-Art Deco inspiration:

As you can see from the above the Art Deco design brought us geometric shapes, symmetry and modernism as an other aspect being revived in 2012.  Feeling rich in nostalgia, I am looking forward to this fresh breeze.


2 thoughts on “The 2012/13 Spring/Summer TREND and what’s behind

  1. I love feminine designs, that accentuate the body yet are conservative. I like lacy, flowy, bright coloured fabrics. Thanks for all the tips, picked up alot.

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