Mercedes-Benz FASHION WEEK Australia 2012

Sydney gave home to Australia’s premier fashion and lifestyle event which showcases the Spring/Summer 2012/13 collections of the country’s leading designer brands and retailers. The prestigious event run this week with the fashion industry’s major players in the spotlight, presenting their spectacular shows to the editors and the customers of Australia and the world.

With more than 100 fascinating collections being introduced it wasn’t easy for me to pick my favourites. It’s like a giant wine tasting. Imagine you have one hundred glasses in front of you filled up with your favourite drink, all from different wine producers mastering their jobs, but with different textures, different shades of colours and last but not last with different flavours. Some of them are heavier, some of them are lighter, some of them are dry, some of them are sweeter, all with different aromas but with one common characteristic: they are all wines.

Following an intense and thorough wine tasting I’ve managed to create the list of my mostly loved designers and dresses and I’m ready to hand over the “Katinka Fashion Award” in the following categories:

Favourite Designer Award:

Goes to “Hardwick by Mariana Hardwick” for her new brand designed for young professional women like herself who are sick of fast fashion and hungering for beauty in flattering, high-quality skilfully made garments. The show was opened by Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite model, Rose Smith, wearing these gorgeous metallic sequinned and chantilly lace dresses:

Maticevski was one of my other favourites, however I also have to mention Alice Mccall, who has definitely reserved a place on my list with her traditional Hungarian floral motifs already presented in my previous blog post Nicole Kidman wearing it. Thanks Australia for repeatedly promoting the beautiful embroidery of my country of origin.

Best Debut Designer – Favourite Brand Concept:

“An Ode To No One” is a vision realised through the celebration of self, designed for the woman who brings her personality into her wardrobe. Adi chose to name his label “An Ode To No One” as a reflection of being disconnected from one’s surroundings, thereby creating an individual self-image, just like Adi manifested his juvenile feelings of social seclusion into his personal style. After realizing how many people living in this society feel socially isolated either by their look or dress, he was inspired to design clothing that gave them an opportunity to express themselves freely. Beautiful silhouettes with soft feminine tailoring, I love it.

Most Colourful Designs Award:

As this upcoming trend is not pronouncedly about strong shades, I had to give an award to those designers who stood out with their brave choice of colours. These are Camilla, Jenny Kee, Akira and Gail Sorronda:


Best Fashion Show Setup:

I also had a look at the background decoration of the fashion shows as the majority of them hasn’t used this powerful creative tool in their presentations. The winners are Bec&Bridge with their lush rainforest background with special emphasize on the models’ moisty skin, and Jayson Brunsdon’s collection presented as an art installation where the guests walked onto a set strewn with books, bedside lamps, black roses and wrought iron furnishings with models reclining on sofa beds evoking the alluring time period of the 1920’s. Great idea.

Best Dress Awards:

Working as an Event Manager for years once someone asked me on a job interview: “What would be your favourite events related job?”

“Organizing a fashion show”-I replied straight away without thinking.

Well, if it was today, I’d gave the same answer.


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