Nicole Kidman wearing HUNGARIAN folk motifs

Not long ago photos about the Academy Award winning Australian actress wearing a beautiful Hungarian Kalocsa style summer dress at the airport have gained an extensive media coverage.

Hungary is renowned for its  textile arts, though embroidery is a relatively new style of folk art. Well-known  patterns and colourings of different regions originated no more than 100-150  years ago. Despite the comparatively small size of Hungary, different regional  styles and patterns have developed: the most famous being the multi-coloured and  shiny Matyo needlework, the flamboyant embroidery of Kalocsa and the red and  blue Paloc style. Most regions in Hungary are defined by a particular style of  folk art that is easily identifiable by its unique characteristics.

The designer of the now world famous dress worn by Nicole Kidman is folk artist Judit Lukacs, owner of the “Judit Folklore” Hungarian handicraft and gift shop in Budapest. On the below picture you can see one of her other creations for more formal occasions:

Judit is however not the only designer being infused with the magnificent folk art of Hungary. A talented group of contemporary artists have also introduced their collections on the recently organized young Hungarian designers competition. I was very much impressed with the talent of these young Hungarians. The way they managed to combine past and present and the initiative of nurturing and introducing the unique characteristics of the Hungarian tradition to the latest generations is utmost appreciated. I have picked a couple of  beautiful  items from their works to share with you:




Casual dress

Wedding dress

Isn’t it gorgeous?

I hope by now you also fell in love with the bold colours, rich textures and floral patterns which characterize the embroidery of Hungary. These traditional designs have been passed down from generation to generation identifying national and regional heritage and I am personally very happy to see that they are going through their renaissance.


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