The Brazilian BUTT-LIFT Jeans

The SEXIEST JEANS in the world. What??! I pick up my head.. I’m interested. Who doesn’t want to look better without having to work harder? Well, this new age clothing does the hard work for you.

The world-famous butt-lift jeans were created by Brazilian designers to magically lift your butt, providing a sleek and chic appearance.

Brazilian women are famous for their great butts. In their culture having a nice round butt is a lot more important than having nice round boobs.. The European woman considers an implant in her breast, whilst the Brazilian in her butt.. What a big difference! And how lucky the Australian women are that thanks to this great technology they can have both without a surgery.. Yes, please start to believe it: you can cheat using this great way too!!

Put these jeans on, and your butt is instantly lifted. It can be the hardest part to hide or lift your booty. However, this unique design provides booty enlargement and reduction at the same time, enhancing your beautiful female curves where they should be highlighted, and hiding, tucking in the unpleasant part of your bum where it is necessary.. a great construction giving you the perfect balance.

So what’s the South-American secret, how is this jeans designed to provide you such a perfect shape?

As you can see from the pictures above, with the traditional pair of jeans you have got lot less material in the butt area. On the other hand with the butt-lift one, an extra stack of material allows for the butt to be lifted through, rather than flatten.

In order to get a nice round firm butt you can either go to the gym and spend half of your life sweating or, alternatively you can buy your next pair of “favourite jeans” in five minutes. The Brazilian Butt-Lift Jeans is targeted in three different areas:

–          Extra fabric underneath the bottom pushing it up

–          Extra stitching around the sides and hidden in the pocket

–          The rounded line above the butt which pushes the butt down giving it a nice round shape.

And the result is a substantial boost.

Watch this video to see it with your own eyes:

The lovely Brazilian owner of BellaModaBrazil says it has all started with Australian women asking her how to get the Brazilian bottom. It’s all about illusion, she explains. It’s all about the jeans! And that’s why she decided to bring the Brazilian Jeans to Australia. Today she has 40 types of jeans to offer in different sizes in her shop in Leichhardt.

Improve your figure and self esteem in no time and enjoy feeling sexy the “Brazilian way”:)



5 thoughts on “The Brazilian BUTT-LIFT Jeans

  1. Well, you are close to reality as the tummy tucking jeans are already out there on the market, however, you are right, the “do the groceries for me” jeans is still missing :)

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