All you need for a LUXURIOUS wedding II. – The Wedding Expo

I’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news is that I was going to hunt for beautiful wedding gowns, but vainly. There was only one lady exhibiting wedding dresses and she did not allow me to take a photo of them, therefore I cannot share.. However, the good news is that I have discovered a large number of other fabulous things you might need to create your ultimate wedding day experience.

I was pretty impressed with the Wedding Expo. They circled the wedding topic thoroughly, providing lots of remarkable ideas for wedding photography, venues in Sydney, catering, decoration, jewellery, entertainment options, flowers, stationery, wedding cars, etc. Taking part in such an Expo is the best and most effective way to shop, plan and gather information about what needs to be considered once you start thinking about your wedding ceremony.

After registering at the entrance for $10, I have received a nice little book with 84 pages of wedding businesses to create a perfect wedding day.  The booklet also lists the best photo locations in the St George & Shire area giving you lots of useful hints and tips on where to go should you have not picked your desired location already. The Wedding Expo operates as a roadshow, which I think it is a fantastic idea. They have one organized on a monthly basis in the different regions of Sydney, trying to introduce the local suppliers and services available to you.

This time I went to the Novotel Brighton on the Grand Parade, right opposite the beach. The hotel has also introduced itself as a potential wedding venue. At first I wasn’t so enthusiastic when I’ve heard they only offer indoor function rooms for this purpose (without windows) but they have actually set one of them up with an impressive wedding decoration which wasn’t bad at all. Have a look at the pics below, they look good. However, as Australia is about the beaches, the breathtaking panorama and the sunshine for me, I’d definitely go for an outdoor location.

Following a long chat with a marriage celebrant and collecting a number of business cards from different photographers I had to stop at the stand of a company offering wedding fireworks. Imagine yourself walking in among sparkling fireworks or highlighting your special moments with these effects which can create some amazing scenes and help to make your wedding truly memorable.

I definitely had to make another stop at the Luxury Wishing Wells. These custom designed beautiful boxes are used to collect money from guests on the wedding day. They can be unique and reflective of the couple involved and are available for both hire and purchase.

Wedding cakes – if intensive watching could make something disappear, these would be in my belly already.

More opportunity for intensive watching:

And the winners are:

The magic of the cupcakes was broken when I have heard some strong noise from the other exhibition room. I’ve quickly followed it and surprisingly it was a Samba show provided by Brazilian dancers!

The last creative product I have fallen in love with was the printed rose petals advertised by lovely Columbian ladies who have imported the idea to Australia.

On the way out I have bumped into a funny thing: pink Hummer Limo!! Check out this funky plush leather interior: the car seats up to 16 people, has got 3 bars, 4 widescreen LCD screens, laser lighting and karaoke, LED colour lit dance floor and smoke machines with champagne included. I would never choose this as a wedding car, not even if I was paid for it. I am sure however it’s a great idea for a hen’s night, what do you think? This is definitely the car you would send your girls to the church on Sunday, isn’t it?:)

If I’ve managed to raise your interest, don’t hesitate to visit one of the upcoming Wedding Expos. The next ones are in Wodonga on the 22nd of April and in Wollongong on the 20th of May.

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