All you need for a LUXURIOUS wedding I. – The Madison bridal event

It was an evening of luxury including a runway show featuring the latest in bridal fashion, jewellery and beauty, with elegant styling ideas presented for the perfect wedding day.

The fashion magazine Madison has picked the Fairfax&Roberts Boutique for this special purpose, which was an excellent choice. Both the venue and the diamonds were brilliant. Since 1858, Fairfax&Roberts has been recognised as the most iconic Australian couture jewellery brand. They source diamonds from the world’s leading diamond suppliers and they are ready to tailor them to suit every aspect of your individual requirements. Feel free to select the desired shape and design diamond ring which will be one of a kind as you are.:)

I’m singing to myself.. “diamonds are the girl’s best friend”.. among the collections my favourite was the one named Shelley.. whew, these green stones would look good on me with my black hair!:D

Whilst walking around with our eyes damped by the beauty of the diamonds, we were pampered with Laurent-Perrier champagne served in  beautiful Waterford crystal clarendon ruby flutes.

Sipping the sparkling champagne, the watchful ones got a chance to grab a couple of the canapes from the silverplates the waiters offered. The delicious bites were delivered by BelindaFranksCatering.

One of the most amazing part of the decoration however was the Rococo Flowers for me.. they were gorgeous!!!

Before I get lost in the flowers again, I need to get to the point, don’t I?:) The wedding dress!!

The wedding fashion was represented by Lisa Ho and Pallas Couture. To be honest I was a bit disappointed by this section of the evening. The models were flat, the dresses were simple, there were no feminine curves at all.. If I’m right there were only three gowns introduced and they were beautiful, but not too impressive if you know what I mean. I assume every lady agrees that a wedding dress should literally take our breath away!!

Here is the one I liked the most, it’s a Lisa Ho strech silk satin dress. It’s timelessly elegant, but still modern. If you have a perfect body, it’s sexy as it accentuates the silhouette, however it’s modest at the same time: no deep decolletage, no deep cut at the back. It’s simple and great. I could imagine an olive skin lady wearing it for a posh party as well, not necessarily only as a wedding dress.

At the end of the evening we walked away a bit heightened by the champagne and the nice atmosphere, happily carrying our beauty and bridal goodie bags home. Thanks Madison.

And I can’t wait to check out the Wedding Expo next weekend to hunt for more stunning wedding gowns.

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