Does our PRIME MINISTER have a stylist?

Yes, she does. Her name is Annalisa Armitage.

The funny fact is that she is the stylist to the opposition leader Tony Abbott as well! And this leads directly to my first conclusion .. image consultants must be pretty much politically neutral. :)

When being interviewed by ABC, Annalisa was asked to compare her daily job with the two prominent characters: one of the main differences she has mentioned was that there is certainly more work with a female politician. They  have to discuss the colours, the hair, the make-up, the type of clothing that she is wearing, how many times to wear a particular suit,  etc, whilst with Tony Abbott she has a significantly easier task: we might notice if he is wearing the same tie on and on, but certainly not the suit. She says, trying to dress up a male politician you can’t really get it wrong…  a dark suit, a light colour shirt and a tie with diagonal stripes are the successful ingredients to pull together a chick male politician look. Hence, my second conclusion for today is that Annalisa is as good in man as good she is in women!

Being a well-known expert in the field of fashion and style, she is regularly asked to share her comments in television, radio, newspapers and magazines however her popularity is not only embraced by the media but the corporate world as well. She clearly has not only internationally gained extensive styling  experience, but outstanding  interpersonal skills combined with a caring personality.

This allows her to charge her services on a top range, she provides a full image makeover for no less than $1350.

Let’s take a closer look at her client who is living mostly in the crossfire, Julia Gillard. It must be a big pressure to style somebody who is EVERY SINGLE day on TV as the leader of our country!! Yet, it’s exciting, challenging and if you do your job well,  VERY rewarding..

Julia Gillard’s hair

I really had to laugh when I have realized that following her leadership takeover, references to her red hair were made almost as often as references to the fact that she is Australia’s first female Prime Minister!

Coming from Europe, these things will always be a bit strange for me… It does not matter if  I am a big fan of styling or not.. as a voting citizen, I would never really think about placing a great emphasize  neither on Bill Clinton’s cigar, nor on Julia Gillard’s red hair but rather on the results they actually put down on the table..

However, as we are here with the specific aim to analyse her appearance, I must underline: I love her red hair, it makes her so special! And I do appreciate her not changing it not matter how hard they tried to make fun out of it, saying she is another chief of the Australian redheads replacing Nicole Kidman. Having the similar appearance from a politician over a long period of time communicates confidence and stability for me. And as it turns out, encourages the redheads too, who are not ashamed anymore for their gingerhead but thanks to our new prime minister, they definitely feel a winner.

Julia Gillard then

“I’m not here for a haircut.” Julia won’t be hiring a stylist to change her image. The new federal Deputy Opposition Leader yesterday angrily dismissed criticism of her appearance.

The Telegraph, December 7, 2006

Julia Gillard today

She has obviously changed her standpoint. To face those carbon tax issues, she certainly has to look hot..

The Telegraph, November 9, 2011

Her voice and accent:

According to Annalisa, Julia Gillard’s voice also belongs to her brand and I totally agree. I could differentiate her speaking from hundreds of others! And that’s called an undoubted success of  a brand, isn’t it. I like her easily understandable British accent and monotonic voice projection. Even if  yellow marshmallows are falling from the sky, she would stay calm. Many are annoyed by her speaking  as she is like a determined high-school teacher who has strongly decided to fulfil her goals and pour the knowledge into the stubborn kids heads.. therefore she speaks patiently and does not stop, does not ever stop.. She sounds so relaxing.. I could listen to it for hours and hours like to the honey-bees until I fall asleep. :)

Her clothes:

“It’s an assassin in slacks” – this is how one part of the country looks at her. True, she is wearing it quite often, but it must be definitely more comfortable for her than wearing a knee-length skirt with high heals when travelling around the country, not to mention the fact that the slacks suggest us masculine power making her presence as the leader of one of the richest countries of the world more acceptable to everybody in doubt.

Julia Gillard 7 years ago looked totally different, she changed her style tremendously. This was not a strategic move, Annalisa says, it’s just the fact that we all grow, develop and change as the time goes by.

Today she looks immaculate in her costumes. She is aware of what colours suit her the best and that these clear, sharp colours make her come alive.  The colours of the Spring complement her hair, eye and skin tone very well, and just like our PM, these are not shy colours.

The best white for her is a creamy tone, and the light, clear, bright navy blue is also a great choice. The shades of peach, light orange, bright coral or orange red are also flattering for her complexion and help her to successfully present the professional, trustworthy politician look. I’m sure that her stunning look has contributed to her victory over Kevin Rudd!:)


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