The 5 SEXIEST male uniforms

Of course, the first question we need to investigate here is to find out, why are the ladies so obsessed with males wearing uniforms?

I’ve found the below quote on the internet:

“When you see a man in uniform, you can always smell….BENEFITS.”

No, no, no!- I nod my head.. if I am thinking about men in uniform, it is definitely not the alleged money he has what makes him attractive in my eyes.. It is rather something I see or something I feel, when I look at him.

All the ladies are looking for the strong, gorgeous, successful man who can save their lives. We either admit, or we don’t but we’d love to be saved and faint into a strong big arm.. And usually there they are, the modern world’s heroes. Let it be a doctor, a fireman, a policeman, etc,  they are all there to actually save our lives.. that is their official job and they have finished their studies, worked hard, both physically and mentally to be there for us day and night in an emergency situation.

They are disciplined: we’ve all seen documentaries about the military man being forced to iron his shirt maybe better than we will ever do, or we know that the doctor is wearing  bright white, clean gown with hands disinfected. There is nothing dirty or neglected about them, they look all very sophisticated. Us ladies, like to control the things around us: the house has to look tidy, our appearance has to look stunning. And nothing can make this picture more perfect than a powerful man who we are proud of and who we can rely on. Like a man in uniform.

I know that the fire fighters belong to one of the most popular group of professionals wearing a uniform, as they have to be in a very good shape which drives women wild. However, thanks God, I have never really seen a fire fighter closer and they haven’t got any magic working on me.

But I have a couple of other pictures coming into my mind already!


Leonardo DiCaprio in the brilliant Spielberg movie titled “ Catch me if you can” . The movie is based on the life of Frank Abagnale, who before his 19th birthday successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot. The character he plays uses his charm and confidence to make millions by forging checks. Leo, if I had a million I gave it to you too!

Another famous handsome commercial pilot was Jake Pavelka, starring in the 14th season of the US series “The Bachelor”, where 25 beautiful ladies were basically melting for him competing for his roses. I understand, the pilot sunnies looked really good on him too..


Policemen are certainly second on my list. Probably the majority of ladies’ fantasies are associated with cops, hence a pretty boy in his sexy uniform is a regular star guest at most of the hen parties. When we see these guys, we are ready to promise we are going to be good, or, if not, we are absolutely ready to be punished.. :-)


Do you remember JAG? I loved David James Elliott in that pretty uniform. Italian scientists have conducted a poll to reveal top 10 sexiest male professions. The poll involved over 1000 women (age 22-25 yrs). The absolute majority of women named men in uniform. Good to know that the colours of the uniform (blue, dark blue, grey) are associated with security.

Tom Cruise is definitely too short to be a navy pilot, however, he looked stunning in the movie “A few good men” acting as a navy lawyer fighting for the truth. It is good to have guys like this around us knowing they are there to defend us. But careful ladies.. navy guys are constantly on the go and they might take your heart with them!:-)


There is not a situation in the whole world where we are more fragile and vulnerable than in a hospital.. When we are sick we tend to look at anyone in a white/blue/green gown as superhero. They make us feel safe. Check out McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy:

And George Clooney in ER: this is where he gained fame and recognition! We loved those Tuesday evenings watching him with my Mom… :-)

And now, I am going to be unconventional with my last choice on the Top 5 sexiest male uniform list, the suit!!


I have fond feelings towards the suit for more than ten years now, since I’ve started to work in the world of politicians. I think I’ve got spoiled at that time.. I was surrounded with perfect looking sophisticated, well-educated men in crispy suits who were holding me on their palms. It was the dream workplace and I stayed for 2 years until they have unfortunately lost the elections. Ever since, the suit represents me the respectful man who has power and who is smart enough to lead a company or either a country!

So everyone, SUIT UP!! :-)

Homework for the week:

Watch the movie “An officer and a Gentleman”

They say it’s drama, romance and.. Richard Gere in a navy uniform!!


3 thoughts on “The 5 SEXIEST male uniforms

  1. Oh yes, men in uniform! They make my heart pound faster! However, there might be something wrong with me, because I have fallen in love with a bus driver, oops! Maybe I’ll see my optician for a pair of somewhat stronger glasses :D

  2. Hey you forgot Waiters! I have seen so many gorgeous waiters in uniform, black slacks black or white shirts, the vests with shiny material on the back, linen aprons, and I always melt!

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